v e n i c e , f l


things I want to do with u

  • spoon
  • make grilled cheese
  • watch dumb movies
  • make a blanket fort
  • maybe kiss or something
  • take selfies
  • hold hands
  • dance to cute music
  • go for walks outside
  • go on adventures
  • try new things
  • star gaze
  • have awesome sex
  • be that ‘cute amazing’ couple
  • wake you up at 3am to fuck your brains out

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yeah lol!!! anxiety is so fun and quirky!!! i love feeling like everyone hates me and feeling like all of my friends and even my girlfriend regret ever talking to me in the first place!!!! and wow i especially love how when people surround me in a puiblic place i feel like i cant breathe!!! yes anxiety is so fun to have right guys

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Summer Paradise - Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul

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We own it - Mike Posner ft. Sammy Adams, T. Mills & Niykee Heaton

perfect people doing a great job.

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but mom you’re from the 70’s and I’m a 90’s bitch

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i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints, and then i smoke two more.

look at the iris development, its stunning

this is so cool

bless this guy